Industrial Projects

Kıta Logistics has been providing customized logistics solutions for your door-to-door industrial project transportation for more than 25 years.

Over 300.000 Frt of project cargo and heavy cargo transportation per year is being realized.


Your Industrial Projects in Safe Hands

With Kıta Logistics , you can have reliable transport service in your projects! You can get detailed information about the processes by contacting our expert team immediately.

Streamline your supply chain with our industrial projects logistics solutions

As Kıta Logistics, we specialise in providing logistics solutions for industrial projects. We recognise that on-time delivery of equipment and materials is critical to the success of any project. That's why we offer comprehensive logistics services that ensure your materials reach the project site on time, every time.

Our logistics services for industrial projects include

Special transport services

We collaborate with you to provide unique transport solutions that meet yourrequirements. We can manage shipment by land, sea or air and offer you the most efficient and economical transport options for your project.


Forwarding for the timely and safe delivery of your goods to the project site service. Thanks to our global network of trusted partners, your shipment is always delivered safely.


We can offer temporary storage options to help you manage your delivery of machinery and equipment to the jobste. Your goods will be stored securely in our well-equipped, secure facility and will be immediately accessible when needed.

Customs Procedures

We can handle customs clearance for your materials and equipment, ensuring they are cleared quickly and efficiently to avoid any delays in delivery.

Contact us to facilitate the supply chain of your industrial projects. Immediately with our expert team Contact us and get detailed information about the processes.

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