Bonded Warehouse

As Kıta Logistics, we have been providing top quality service to our customers who want to get Istanbul logistics warehousing or Istanbul logistics warehouse service for Istanbul Warehouse activities since 2013.

What is Bonded Warehousing?

A secure storage area approved by customs authorities for the short-term storage of imported goods is known as a bonded warehouse. While the goods kept in the warehouse are accepted under the authority of customs officers, duties and taxes are not applied until they are customs cleared and taken out for consumption.

Bonded Warehouse

As Kıta Logistics, we have been providing logistics warehousing and bonded warehouse services to customers in the Istanbul region since 2003. Our facilities cover a total area of 45,000 m², including 30,000 m² of closed area and 15,000 m² of open area in Hadımköy, which is 30km West of Istanbul City center.

We provide bonded storage services at Ambarlı Warehouse (Ambarlı Customs zone)) and Muratbey Warehouse (Muratbey custoıms zone) locations with 6,500 sqm and 6,000 sqm respectively. Muratbey Customs is a typical bonded area for goods coming by land and Ambarli is the extension of the Ambareli port Customs zone, therefore mainly for goods coming in containers. Along with bonded storage and hadling, all types if value added services are also offered in our logistics center, such as labelling, repacking, kitting, sorting and piak and packing.

The products storede in our Istanbul logistics centre are mainly textile, foodstuff, electronics, machinery and spare parts.

Thanks to our logistics warehousing and warehouse services, provided at our Ambarlı and Muratbey locations, we offer storage services for products arriving by road until customs clearance is completed. Our Ambarlı and Muratbey facilities are under customs supervision, operate in accordance with 100% customs legislation, and are continuously inspected by the state. We primarily store textile, food, electronic machinery, and spare parts in our Istanbul logistics warehouse.

Our warehouses prioritize customer loyalty and quality service. Ambarlı and Muratbey warehouses are customs bonded warehouses selected as central warehouses by both customs directorates. These facilities conclude all customs services on-site and are staffed by the state's inspection officers. Our software system is integrated with both customs and other units, streamlining documentation processes and improving service quality.

Since the software system used in Ambarlı Warehousing and Muratbey Warehousing (Halkalı Warehousing) centres is integrated with both customs and other units, documentation processes are reduced and service quality is increased with instant information. Bonded warehousing, loading, unloading, labelling, inspection and packaging services are provided at Ambarlı Warehouse and Muratbey Warehouse (formerlu known as Halkalı Warehouse).

Additional logistics services such as temporary free storage and distribution are offered in a 10,000 m² area. These services include storage of customs cleared goods, storage of products for distribution purposes, and storage of goods before export operations. We also provide labeling, palletising, stretching, repacking, order preparation, barcode scanning, product preparation for distribution, and shipment services in our Istanbul logistics warehouse.

Bonded Warehouse Types

Using a bonded warehouse operation to import goods or store goods can help you save money, improve supply chain operations, speed delivery and reduce the amount of fees and paperwork required to successfully export your goods. If you consider using a bonded warehouse for your company's shipping and processing needs, it is essential that you are informed about the many different types of bonded warehouses before choosing the one that makes the most sense for your business.

Advantages of Bonded Warehouse

Ease of International Transport

Whenyou use a bonded warehouse domestically to store inventory, , it is easy to ship bonded goods from these warehouses in transit to other countries. Items in bonded warehouses can be imported and exported, but customs duties are paid only on imported goods.

Long-term Storage Options

Long-term storage of goods in bonded warehouses allows you to postpone the payment of any customs duties and taxes until you are sure that the goods have been paid for and prepared for transport. Goods can be safely stored there until they are exported.

Better Customer Service

By using our storage and distribution services, you can improve your services for your clients in terms of secure storage, timely deliverieswhile working with us so you can spend more time exceeding your customers' expectations.

Help You Save Money

A bonded warehouse can help your business save costs because customs duties and taxes are deferred until the goods are cleared and leave the warehouses. This way, you won't have to make any payments until you are ready to fulfil orders and complete shipments using the funds you have now.

Bonded Warehouse Management

A. Muratbey Bonded Warehouse (Muratbey Warehouse)

B. Ambarlı Bonded Warehouse (Ambarlı Warehouse)

Free Warehousing

It consists of 10.000 m² to provide value-added logistics services such as storage of customs cleared goods, storage of products for distribution purposes, storage of goods before export operations. At the same time, we have activities such as labeling, palletising, stretching, packaging, repackaging, order preparation, barcode scanning, product preparation for distribution and shipment in our Istanbul logistics storage (Istanbul logistics warehouse) center. As Kıta Logistics, we are at the forefront of logistics storage and bonded warehousing.

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