Ship Chartering

Are you looking to charter a vessel for your cargo needs? Then you are in the right place! To guarantee that your cargo is delivered on time and in perfect condition, our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing you with first-class logistics solutions.

Ship Charter Has Never Been This Easy

As Kıta Logistics, we know time is value. . We offer special ship charter solutions to meet your special cargo requirements. We can handle the transport of large equipment, heavy machinery or both. Together, you and our team of experts will assess your cargo needs and create a customised shipping strategy that fits your schedule and price range. With access to a wide network of vessels, we can ensure that your cargo is transported in the most practical and economical way.

What is Ship Chartering?

The term "charter" describes the process of renting a car, boat or aircraft for a specified period of time or use. In the shipping context, ship chartering generally entails the leasing of a vessel from a shipowner or operator by a charterer, which may be a business or an individual. The charterer is obliged to pay for the crew, fuel and other operating costs of the vessel during the charter period. The charterer may use the vessel for a single voyage or for a longer period. Chartering for the transport of goods and commodities is often used in the maritime sector, but is also used in other sectors such as aviation and tourism.

Ship Chartering with Kıta Logistics

When a logistics company is hired to provide transport services for goods or cargo, the procedure is called "hiring a logistics company". In addition to managing the logistics of the shipment from its point of origin to its final destination, this may entail making arrangements for the use of a particular ship or aircraft for transport. The logistics company may also be responsible for customs clearance, paperwork and insurance of the shipment. Businesses or individuals who need to transport bulky or specialised cargo that requires a specialist transport option may find chartering advantageous. At Kita, depending on the client’s requirements, we part charter a vessel at times, meaning hiring space on a vessel which is just enough fort hat particular shipment. We do not necessarily charter the full vessel if there is no need of course.

Advantages of Ship Charter

Chartering a ship can have various benefits. Some of them are


Vessel charter allows individuals or organisations to tailor the use of a vehicle or vessel to their specific needs and schedules, rather than relying on predetermined routes or itineraries.


Ship charter provides a level of privacy and exclusivity not found in other forms of transport or accommodation.


Chartering often allows individuals or organisations to access high-end vehicles or vessels that are more comfortable and luxurious than other modes of transport.


Chartering can be a more efficient option for group travel as it eliminates the need to coordinate the travel plans of multiple people and can often be more cost-effective than purchasing individual tickets.

Unique Experiences

Ship charter can provide access to unique or hard-to-reach locations or activities not possible with other forms of transport or accommodation.

Why Should I Charter a Ship with Kıta Logistics?