We are your partner for reliable, efficient and economical intermodal transport services. Thanks to our extensive network of transport partners and our knowledge of logistics and supply chain management, we are able to offer seamless transport solutions that can help you optimise your operations and reduce costs.

Kıta Logistics Intermodal Service

Intermodal transport refers to the use of multiple modes of transport such as trucks, trains, ships and aircraft to move goods or cargo over long distances. Whiledoing that, the cargo is never unstuffed from the original Container/trailer which it was loaded. So basically the transport unit changes modes, thus intermodal. By capitalising on the strengths of each mode of transport, intermodal transport can offer several advantages, including

Increased efficiency and speed of transport

Reduced transport costs compared to unimodal transport

Improved reliability and predictability of transport

Reduced carbon emissions and environmental impact

As Kıta Logistics , we specialise in intermodal transport solutions that can help you optimise your supply chain and achieve your business goals.

What is Intermodal Transport?

Intermodal movement describes the coordinated use of several different modes of transport such as trucks, trains, ships and aircraft to transfer goods or cargo. The use of several modes of transport as a component of a single integrated supply chain is emphasized by the term "intermodal".

For example, a consignment of goods can be taken by lorry to a rail terminal, loaded onto a train and traveled considerable distances before being unloaded and once again taken by lorry to its destination. Compared to traditional transport methods, intermodal transport can offer a number of advantages, including lower transport costs, higher efficiency and lower carbon emissions. It is often used for long-distance delivery of goods and can involve a variety of different logistics service providers and modes of transport.

Why Kıta logistics?

When you choose Kıta logistics as your business partner for intermodal transport services, you can benefit from the following:

Our Services

Road and rail transport

We can transport your goods by lorry and train to transport your cargo quickly and efficiently.

Air and sea transport

We can provide air and sea freight services to transport your goods over long distances, with customized solutions to meet your needs.

Containerised transport

We offer containerised transport services that allow efficient, safe and cost-effective transport of goods.

Storage and distribution

We offer warehousing and distribution services with advanced technology and a team of experienced professionals to support your supply chain needs.