Our Policies

As Kıta Logistics, we are determined to transform the logistics industry and raise expectations with our commitment to efficiency, reliability and innovation.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Everything about our operations aims for excellence

Kıta LogisticsThe Company places Customer Satisfaction at the top of its values with its perception of Customer Orientation.  In parallel with its Vision and Mission, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management is among the management standards in order to provide reliable and quality service.  

Kıta Logistics evaluates customer demands meticulously. Its primary goals are to ensure the sustainability of the sense of trust / respect acquired by its business partners and the increase in satisfaction. It is important to listen to customers, understand their needs and expectations and provide fast and accurate service. Kıta Logistics  believes that all feedback shared is an opportunity for change, development and continuous improvement and acts accordingly. 

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainability, all suggestions, complaints and expectations of our valued customers are meticulously evaluated. All positive/negative feedback received by our Customer Relations department is resolved in accordance with the quality standard and the results are shared. For all your notifications regarding the service you have received from our company, you can reach us via email at  crm@kitalogistics.com or by calling our customer relations department directly at 212 410 41 41.

Our Satisfaction and Complaints Management Process;

- 10002 MANAGEMENT: There is a management representative on behalf of Senior Management / General Manager. On behalf of the Senior Management, positive and negative feedback acceptance of all feedback, customer control evaluation, closure of complaints in accordance with the actions taken, reporting and improvement processes are followed and planned.

- EVALUATION :  It is evaluated impartially, objectively and fairly.

- PRIVACY:  Details are not shared without the permission of the customer who made the notification. Customer and feedback received are kept confidential. ISO/IEC 27001 Information security standard is specially archived in accordance with the privacy policy.

- CHARGE: There is no charge to the customer for feedback and improvement plans.

- RECEIVING FEEDBACK: All kinds of feedback delivered to Kıta Logistics are recorded in the system on the same day if received during working hours, and on the following business day if received outside working hours. Immediately notify the relevant customer that it has been recorded. information is provided.

- FEEDBACK REVIEW: If the recorded feedback is negative, it is prioritized, and the expectations of the customers are taken into account in the process of solving the problem by communicating with the customers during the detailed examination and collection of information about the feedback.


High (Urgent) - 3 working days

Normal - 5 working days

Low - 7 working days

- CONTROL EVALUATION :Each feedback customer who confirms that there is no problem and in a timely manner through the methods related to the solution is called impartially and objectively and a satisfaction check is carried out.

The complaint is closed positively after confirmation that the problem is no longer present.

If the resolution methods are not accepted and the problem persists, the complaint is followed up and a solution is requested.

- CORRECTIVE - PREVENTIVE ACTIONS : Corrective and Preventive Actions (CPA) - Corrective and Preventive actions are initiated for the addressee department in line with the subjects and degrees of the negative feedback received about the department from which the service is received, and the actions and planning are followed up.

• NOTIFICATION TO TOP MANAGEMENT:In Management Review meetings, all data regarding positive / negative feedback issues, actions and solution processes are reviewed by Kıta Logistics's Top Management and continuous improvement is made. Evaluations are made as opportunities.

Quality and Environmental Policy

- As Kıta Logistics, we will not harm the ecological balance with all our activities,
- We will work to improve the environmental awareness of the relevant parties,
- We will ensure that wastes are minimized at source, reused and recycled when possible, and that wastes that cannot be utilized are disposed of by appropriate methods,
- We will ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
- We will continuously develop and improve our management system,
- We will provide all necessary protection to prevent adverse effects on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities, and to control accidents, damages and hazards to our own and other persons' property at the initial stage,
- In this direction, we will make the understanding of the ÇİSK management system a philosophy of life by improving the environmental and occupational health and safety awareness of our employees,
- We will monitor occupational health and safety hazards with the same sensitivity and make the necessary efforts to minimize them,
• Yasal yükümlülüklerimize, yürürlükteki Çevre ve İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği (İSG) mevzuatlarına ve üyesi olduğumuz kuruluşların şartlarına uyacağımızı,
- We will work to improve the environmental and OHS awareness of the relevant parties,
- We will make the philosophy and systems of continuous development appropriate to the management system in all processes and continuously improve its effectiveness, internalize it to all personnel and increase market share, profitability and competitiveness in this direction,
- By following the technological innovations in the sector simultaneously with the world, we undertake to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the requirements of the management system with our management staff and trained modern personnel.

Information Security Policy

In order to keep information security at the highest level in the field of software services in which we operate as Kıta Logistics and where information can be easily accessed at any time;

a) Confidentiality: Information is only accessible by authorized persons,
b) Integrity: Protecting information from unauthorized modification and recognizing when it has been modified,
c) Accessibility: The availability of information by authorized users at the time it is needed.

Kıta Logistics, acting with the awareness that the information produced in our company should be protected within the highest levels of security understanding; In order to manage the information in printed and electronic media, which constitutes the basis of the information security concept in accordance with its mission and vision, in the light of legal legislation and using risk methods in accordance with the principles of "confidentiality, integrity and accessibility";
- To fulfill the requirements of information security standards,
- To comply with all legal regulations related to information security,
- Identify risks to information assets and manage risks in a systematic manner,
- To continuously review and improve the Information Security Management System,
- In order to increase information security awareness, the main policies are to conduct trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies,
- In order to create a successful and effectively functioning information security awareness process, the duties and responsibilities in this area must be clearly and clearly defined.
As a result, the purpose of the Information Security Policy is to protect information assets, to ensure the confidentiality of information and data, to protect against unauthorized access to unauthorized persons who will try to disrupt its integrity, and thus we are committed to eliminating situations that will undermine the trust and reputation of our company.