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Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse Management

A. Halkalı Bonded Warehouse (Halkalı Warehouse )
B. Ambarlı Bonded Warehouse (Ambarlı Warehouse)

Warehouse Contact Information
KITA Storage and Distribution Services
Omerli Mh. Murathan Cd. No: 5 Hadimkoy / Istanbul
T: +90 212-410 41 41 F: +90 212-410 41 42

Kıta Logistics, has been providing logistics storage areas and logistics warehouse services in İstanbul since 2013. It provides services in an area of ​​40.000 m² in total, 25.000 m² of which is closed and 15.000 m² of which is open, located in Hadımköy, and warehouse and storage activities are organized onsite in the 500 m² office area within this area.

Thanks to our logistics storage and logistics warehouse services at the Ambarlı Warehouse (Ambarlı Warehouse) and Muratbey Warehouse (Halkalı Warehouse) locations, complete set of services are provided until the customs clearance of the products arriving by road transport is completed. In Halkalı and Ambarlı Customs, Type A General Warehouse with an area of ​​5,000 m², storage services are provided for the products to be stored and for the goods arriving by seaway to be stored and cleared until the customs clearance is completed. The products we store in our Istanbul logistics storage center range from; textiles, food, to electronic machinery and spare parts.

These warehouses are under customs control, all standards are predetermined and are constantly inspected by the state, continuing their activities in accordance with 100% customs legislation, providing Istanbul logistics storage and logistics warehouse services to both Kıta Logistics customers and foreign customers.

Our Ambarlı Warehouse and Muratbey Warehouses (Halkalı Warehouse are bonded warehouses selected as the central warehouse by both customs directorates (Ambarlı and Muratbey), where all customs services are finalized in the Warehouse, together with state inspection officers who work in this facility.  With the integration of the software system used in Ambarlı Storage and Muratbey Storage (Ringed Storage) centers with both customs and other units, documentation processes are reduced, and customer service level is increased through instant notifications.

In our Ambarlı Warehouse and Muratbey Warehouses (Halkalı Warehouse), Bonded Warehouse, Unloading-Unloading, Labeling, Inspection and Packaging services are provided.  As for our Free Duty Free Warehousing;  we provide bonded warehousing and warehousing services in an area of ​​10.000 m², and provide value-added logistics services such as the storage of goods with cleared customs, the storage of products for distribution purposes, and the storage of goods before export transactions. At the same time, we have activities such as labeling, palletizing, stretching, packaging, repackaging, order preparation, barcode scanning, distribution and product preparation in our Istanbul logistics warehouse center. As Kıta Lojistik, we are at the forefront of logistics warehousing and bonded warehousing.