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Whether you're transporting raw materials, parts and accessories or fully-assembled vehicles, our Automobile specialists are trained and equipped to take care of your shipment door-to-door; factory-to-factory; dealer-to-end user.

We support the entire product lifecycle of a vehicle:
• Raw materials to domestic and international car production;
• Gitterbox / Pallet Crate transportation and packing;
• Consolidation of products from multiple suppliers, ensuring that lead times are met;
• Break bulk and RO/RO for larger vehicles;
• End-to-End delivery, including customs clearance and transport to the customer, dealer, warehouse or manufacturing facility; - Support for Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries, Just-In Sequence (JIS) services, plus removal and processing of empty load units;
• Tyre Logistics services for plant warehouses and tyre distribution centres;
• Reverse Logistics – handling of returnable units, repair and maintenance services as well as return goods under warranty from dealers and distributors.