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Kıta Logistics is one of the leading air freight forwarders providers in the industry. Since time and cost are very precious in Air Freight, the key focus point of Kıta Logistics is the service level by providing specialized solutions to the customers.

But some things will never change: the precision care that must be taken at all times with your highly valuable, safety-critical aerospace components – and the potential financial and logistical implications of incorrect handling or delays in your schedule.

That's why our Aviation Logistics Specialists offer the following services as standard:
• AOGs, DG, Engines and Routine handling;
• Full monitoring and reporting of orders, parts and consignments;
• Special Engine handling facilities – with check sheets, full auditing (including photographic records) and GPS tracking;
• SOP with Transit Time KPI commitments;
• Proactive alerts and Visibility for AOGs and Engines;
• Reverse Logistics for Rotable spares
• 24x7x365 Time Critical Shipment handling and support desk;
• Order Management System
Kıta Logistics are your trusted partners for the safe, secure and efficient transportation of your aircraft and defence parts, equipment and consignments.