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07 Haziran 2021

KITA Logistics CEO Emre Eldener reveals 3 simple steps to best sales performance in logistics

According to a survey done recently by the National Sales Executive Association, only 2% of sales are made on the first contact.  Follow up and consistency plays a great role in sales performance in the logistics sector for success, but how do we increase our success ratio, is there a shortcut for quicker results?
Listening to your prospect and understanding the needs for service is the key, this will shape up the rest of your sales call.  Let your prospect do 80% of the talking, while you understand what is needed from you.   Your prospect does not need to know how good your seafreight forwarding services are from Taiwan to Turkey is they have no shipments in this lane.  While creating solutions for your client, focus on the traffic lanes where they have business.
In order for any business transaction to happen, there must be trust built by the prospective client on the sales person and his/her company.  This trust is built by establishing the following 3 points:
1. Customer must understand the sales person knows the business personally and able to create options and solutions
2. Customer must understand the company represented by the sales person is capable, financially, operationally and from an IT perspective
3. Customer must realize that the sales person is there with a goodwill to create long term relationships
Once these 3 topics are well covered, the chances of conducting sales during the first contact is much much higher.
Let's get into further details:
Customers tend to ask tricky questions or go into serious details to understand you know the business.  If you don't, then even if you provide your services for free, this customer visit will not go anywhere.  Therefore, professional training and knowing what you sell is the key to success.  
Just as important is the company you represent: after all, although business decisions are agreed between two people, companies issue invoices and legally the business is conducted between companies.  Therefore, the sales person must prove to the prospect that the company s/he will be dealing is financially stable, able to deliver the services flawlessly and has a good technical infrastructure.  Depending on the client and the sector, the reliability of the company can be established through firm examples, success stories and references.  Those examples of previous jobs must be realistic, valid and they must show that you go beyond the competition to create value for the client's logistics needs. 

Typical examples would be; changing the transport mode for quicker delivery to meet a deadline, close follow up and seamless flow of information to the client without once being asked for a status update, transport of similar goods from the same destination for another client to full satisfaction and so on.
The sales person must always be focused on added value and becoming a solution partner for the prospective client.  The message given must always be “I am here to help you and believe me, I can.”   This is the best way of conveying the message of goodwill from the logistics service provider to the prospective client.  It is always good to provide firm and true examples of past performance on how the sales person and the company he or she represents came up with a great solution and created value for the clients.  
We know that all of the above is easier said than done, but once accomplished, it truly works and it is the best way to getting quick results in a sales call.