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HR Policies

HR Policies

Kıta Logistics; aims to create a pleasant and productive working environment for its employees, where mutual trust, respect and open communication is a key priority. The basis of our Human Resources policy is; to offer its employees learning and development opportunities that will increase their performance, to be fair and equitable in all HR practices. Putting the right person in the right job. Evaluating its employees in accordance to the job objective criterias, appreciating them on time and offering them alternative career plans. Establishing creative teams with high motivation, efficiency, work discipline and aiming to acheive maximum customer satisfaction.

While doing such; To create an employee group that embraces all the values Kıta Logistics, which has a corporate culture that is sensitive towards people, the environment, society and business stakeholders. It tries to implement Human Resources practices in which integrated systems are used. The HR team closely follows the most recent and relevant practices Globally and in Turkey, within all human resources processes, from recruitment to performance management system, from career planning to training, remuneration and termination. It aims to implement innovative and exemplary HR practices in the logistics sector.

Main Elements of Our HR Policy
* Mutual trust and respect
* Open Communication
* Fair and equitable approach in all applications
* Supporting the development of employees
* Offering alternative career plans to its employees
* Creating a pleasant, efficient and innovative company culture
* Creating teams with high business discipline, who have internalized the company's goals and policies
* Being sensitive to the society and business stakeholders and being an example